FM Group does take effort, but even a few hours a week, part-time or full-time, selling FM Group
products and helping your team to do the same can help you earn money. If you want…

    • Extra Income
    • More Spare Time
    • Your Own Business

… we have teams of successful professionals with years of experience who will teach you how to reach your dreams. When you join the FM family you will be introduced to training systems that have been developed by those already in the business – why not follow their simple steps to success? As your business grows you can earn:

    • Retail Profit          Up to 33% profit on your own sales
    • Volume Commission      Up to 21% bonus on your own sales
    • Team Commission      Up to 21% bonus on team members sales
    • Orchid and Star Clubs      Up to 12% share of worldwide bonus pool

… plus the chance to qualify for a Mercedes car bonus with UK incentive programme and to qualify for international training trips.


The beauty about being in business with FM is that there are many different ways to earn money,
so there is bound to be at least one that will suit you.
The following are just some examples of the limitless options available…

  • Retail Sales – sell to family, friends, work colleagues, neighbours, etc
  • Offices and Factories – Leave sample kits – return two days later to collect orders
  • Fundraising – Contact local, national or international charities, organisations, religious groups, schools, etc – let supporters buy and raise money for their organisation
  • Party Plan – Have an in-home perfume, makeup or skin care party – one of the best fun ways of creating a great customer and distributor base
  • Door to Door – Drop catalogues and order forms into homes in your local area and return two days later and collect orders
  • Social Media – Tell your friends online about our products and business opportunity and find others who want to earn an extra income
  • Network Marketing – The ultimate business model – you can create a huge business by helping others do the same. We use a simple, proven system of success, all you do is…
    • use and experience the products yourself
    • introduce the products to others
    • introduce the business opportunity to others
    • show them how to do the same
    • You can work part-time or full-time
    • You can work from home and use the telephone and/or internet
    • You can go out and meet people

That’s it! A simple and uncomplicated system


FM do not advertise, so how do people get to hear about us? By Referral (or “Word of Mouth”) Advertising, the most powerful form of advertising in the world! When customers buy our products and enjoy them, they tell others – it is that simple.

    • Have you ever recommended someone to a restaurant or a shop, or a film at the local cinema?
    • At the end of the month, did the manager send you a `Thank You’ letter and a commission cheque for the introduction?
    • Does he regularly send you a cheque whenever that person goes there and spends money?
    • No… of course not!

But with FM Group’s business plan that is exactly what happens!

Every time someone we have introduced buys a FM product, we automatically get Points which help
us to move up commission levels.